Umbrella Corp. Pushing For More STEM Training

Umbrella Corp. is leading a coalition of evil multinational corporations in advocating for more STEM-trained students. All of the companies see STEM as vital to the country and to their future business plans.

Tiffany Wade, a public relations officer at Umbrella Corporation, says, “We are one of the largest employers of henchpeople, or “team members” as we like to call them. Whether it is for biological experimentation or hiding research data from prying eyes, STEM-related training is vital to the success of our company. We need young people trained for these demanding and in-demand technical roles.

The business coalition has begun an aggressive advertising company aimed at high school students. Their slogan is, “With STEM, you can help us change the world for better or worse.

The list of supporters behind the campaign includes:

  • Umbrella Corp.
  • Cyberdyne
  • Weyland-Yutani
  • Soylent Corp.
  • Dr. Evil, Inc.
  • Poseidon Industrial Co.
  • Apple

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