Millions of Novice Astronomers Sighting New Planets

NASA blew away the world with its recent announcement that it discovered seven earth-sized planets orbiting a star in the constellation Aquarius. Using the Spitzer Space Telescope, they confirmed the presence of the celestial bodies, which are a mere 40 light-years away.

Now that the planets have been pointed out, average stargazers are surprised they never noticed them before. Every night, thousands of people looking up at the sky can be heard calling out with delight after spotting the neighboring planets.

“They’re so big,” said one young woman at a wine tasting event as she looked at the Aquarius constellation through binoculars. “It’s cool to see them spinning around like that.”

“Oh, I see them, too,” exclaimed her drunk friend, who was looking in a different direction without any binoculars or telescope.

Sightings seem to be especially prevalent among urban millennials while they are visiting the rural countryside.

“I feel like I could see aliens waving on that planet if this telescope were just a bit better,” tweeted Brandon, 23, an accountant who camped in Arizona over the weekend.


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