Trump Accuses Battlefield One of Being Rigged

Erie, PA – During a rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump accused game developer DICE of rigging their latest title, Battlefield One.

The Republican presidential candidate railed against what he called “pay-to-play schemes” meant to benefit players who pay more. This has been a focal point for his campaign ever since he posted a 8-35 kill-death ratio in a round of Conquest. Political commentators are wondering if the score is undermining voters’ perceptions of him as a military leader.

Donald Trump’s PR team has been active in countering that idea, and the candidate has laid the blame squarely on EA DICE and “the system.”

Nowhere was this more apparent than in his Erie, PA rally. A portion of the speech’s transcript is provided below.

“Listen, I know lots about playing first-person shooters. Nobody knows more about playing first-person shooters than me, because nobody is better than me at first-person shooters. Just ask anyone who knows me. I’m the best, and I always have the most kills. If anybody says otherwise, they’re telling you hurtful lies.

Anyway, I picked up my copy of Battlefield on launch day Friday, and when I get online, there’s all these people already ranked up to like level 200. I thought it might have been a glitch, because we all know these guys making the game have had lots of those before. But then I find out other players have been on there for a week, all because they paid to be on there, getting a head start and the best weapons. Some people are picking me off with crazy sniper rifles just as I spawn, then riding horses halfway across the map just to crouch over my body.

When I become president, these pay-to-play schemes and all the other bad things going on in Washington or wherever EA Dice is will stop. I will put an end to this nonsense. And I will get the accounts banned from all these cheaters, and ban the accounts of their family members, too. Women, children, they’ll all be banned from Battlefield. I’m gonna make Battlefield great again.

I know the best video game publishers. They’re all good friends of mine. These DICE punks are no body. They should be in jail for expecting people to pay up to be in the game early. Nobody from the middle class is going to have to pay for EA Access anymore just to play. I mean, paying every year just so we can play with our friends is a very bad way to do things. I have lots of money, loads of money, but not even I have enough to waste it on this service.”

We emailed Electronic Arts and EA Dice for comments about Donald Trump’s accusations, but they did not respond in time for the posting of this article. An EA representative apologized and claimed they had lost the email.

Written by C.W. Briar


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