Local Woman Helping World Through Bioshock

Pittsburgh, PA – You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Diane Cavarro is a hero.

While she told us about her accomplishments, she smiled with embarrassment, an early hint of her humility.

“I never played Bioshock until the collection came out. I felt really bad for the Little Sisters, and I wished someone would help them. I decided that person was me, and I stepped up and avoided harvesting them – well, most of them. There was one who was unprotected, and I was really close to an upgrade.”

Harvesting means destroying the young but defenseless Little Sisters. Bioshock is a best-selling game, which means millions of them have been killed since it was first released.

“The world shouldn’t be like this,” Cavarro said. “We can all make a difference. For me, that was letting the little, creepy girls live. It cost me a lot of ADAM, but we can’t just think about ourselves, you know?”

Since her selfless act, she has been very outspoken about her cause on social media. She frequently adds the hashtag #LittleSistersMatter to her tweets. We asked her how her life has changed. She took a long sip of her frappe before answering.

“I’ve realized how much privelege I have a white, non-undead woman. Now I sleep well at night after posting how I’ve helped the world on Instagram. It feels good, you know? I want to be remembered for how I made the world a better place, in spite of the costs to me. I’ll never get that ADAM back, but I’m beginning to accept that.”


Written by C.W. Briar

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