‘Stranger Things’ Popular Among Fake Fans

If comments and hashtags are any indication, ‘Stranger Things’ has been an absolute hit among fake fans.

Netflix’s homage to 80s Spielbergian sci-fi has been the most talked about show all summer. Scads of people who have yet to watch it are praising the same qualities they’ve heard reviewers praise.

@ZachGClone: “Based on trailers, critics are right these child actors are great, but Winona is even better. Consider me #StrangerThingsFan 4 life.”

@WednesdayNow: “#StrangerThings is sooo amazing – heard its(sic) super scary and original.”

Netflix is thrilled with the show’s performance. In response to our inquiries, they affirmed ‘Stranger Things’ is currently their most-queued show. Almost 20% of their American audience can’t wait to watch the television event of 2016.

@ChunksDaddy30 is one such fan. He posted on Twitter, “So stoked for Stranger Things Season 2. I’ll probably watch Season 1 before it comes out. Time to binge Trailer Park Boys.”

Netflix reports that the show is also being well-received by fans who have actually watched it.

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