Madden Ambulance Driver Released from Prison

Leavenworth, KS – Gary Rittenbacher has been released from prison after serving 24 years for vehicular manslaughter. Rittenbacher was arrested after sneaking into stadiums during Madden football games in 1992 and running over players with an ambulance.

Here is footage from a few of the incidents. Warning: some readers may find the footage highly disturbing.

Rittenbacher killed three players and injured more than 20. The judge presiding over his trial reduced Rittenbacher’s sentence because of his mental instability but still required him to serve more than two decades in prison.

Families of the attacked players were calling for Rittenbacher’s sentence to be continued. They point to a recent interview as evidence that he is still a threat and should not be rewarded for good behavior. In the interview, he stated that Randall Cunningham was his favorite player that he hit.


Written by C.W. Briar

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