Speedrunner Completes No Man’s Sky in 47 Minutes

Speedrunner Ace_Wongman has completed 100% of No Man’s Sky in a mere 47 minutes, 04 seconds. Game developer Hello Games confirmed Ace_Wongman has indeed visited all 18 quintillion planets (18,000,000,000,000,000,000). He even renamed about ten-thousand of them. Most of the names involved allusions to his machismo, Doctor Who references, or characters from the David the Gnome cartoon.

For those not familiar with speedrunning, it’s a hobby for obsessive gamers with superhuman abilities. The players complete games in as little time as possible, leaving normal humans to question the futility of their existence.

For example, while American players were spending three hours to beat the first Dark Souls boss in 2011, speedrunner twilight, who was probably born on Krypton, was beating the entire game in less than half that time.

Speedrunners are highly competitive and quick to one-up each other’s times…

[Update #1] No Man’s Sky, a game predicted to require 584 billion years to complete, has been beaten in 46 minutes, 55 se…

[Update #2] Ace_Wongman has regained the lead with a time of 44 minutes, 15 seconds.

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