GoT Shocker: George RR Martin Murders Writing Staff

In a twist no one saw coming, George RR Martin ended Season 6 of Game of Thrones by murdering the show’s entire writing staff. About fourteen decapitated heads could be seen on stakes outside the HBO headquarters.

“The show was going well, and the writers were too well liked,” said a bloody Martin at the premiere party for the Season 6 finale.

Martin is infamous for offing beloved characters in Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire. But this represents the first time he’s dropped the axe on anyone involved in the television series’ production.

“I’m in utter shock,” said one fan when they saw footage of Martin impaling staff writer Jason VanWesson. “I mean, on the one hand, I’m worried how this will affect the characters they’ve been writing. On the other hand, I recognize George RR Martin is a genius. He really ramped up the tension.”

HBO has not yet commented on how this will affect the shortened, and final, Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Martin’s murder spree marks the deadliest incident for television staff members since 1984, when Mr. Rogers built a faulty incendiary device during a live broadcast of his television show.

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