Amazon Tests Missile Package Delivery

In another move to innovate and stay ahead of competition, Amazon has begun tests on a more rapid, automated delivery system.

Trials involving package delivery via helicopter drones are years from completion and FAA approval. That isn’t stopping Amazon from pursuing its next phase: guided missile parcel delivery.

The system utilizes decommissioned cruise missiles, after the warhead has been removed, of course. The explosive payload is replaced with a customer’s purchases.

Amazon is predicting 98% reduction in delivery times using this new method. For example, a payload of Star Wars Blu-ray discs could be shipped from Phoenix to Las Vegas in only 43 minutes. Once fired, the missile uses GPS to deliver the package with pinpoint accuracy through a customer’s door or window.

This new method will not come cheap, but Amazon hopes to lower prices over time as they start to build their own missiles in an undisclosed facility. And as always, Amazon Prime will provide discounts to customers.

When asked if customers will have the option to include the explosive warhead, such as for Christmas deliveries to an in-law’s house, Amazon stated “No comment.”


Written by C.W. Briar

Image Source (image modified)

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