DC Entertainment Cancels BvS Director’s Cut

The Dark Knight was almost a lot darker.

Facing criticism for the length and tone of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Entertainment has cancelled the planned director’s cut of the film.

An unnamed source described the alternate version as “a five-hour epic that would have done to audience’s emotions what an asteroid did to Krypton.” Deleted scenes included:

  • Puppies getting repeatedly punched in the face.
  • Batman discovering he was adopted, then subsequently finding his real parents just in time to see them get shot.
  • A side story in which the Joker kidnaps Batgirl and, through mental and emotional torture, turns her into a One Direction groupie.
  • Superman following Lex Luther’s clues and discovering Lois Lane’s head in a box.

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures have not responded to our request for comment.


Written by C.W. Briar

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