Scientist In DeLorean Apologizes For Trump Fiasco

A crazed scientists, who drives a DeLorean that he claims can time travel, has taken full responsibility for the Donald Trump presidential run.

Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in the GOP has baffled and terrified sane citizens of America and its allies. Now Dr. Emmett Brown says that he is to blame.

“My apprentice and I have crisscrossed through time, and along the way we lost several¬†historical records from the future,” claims Brown. “These included almanacs of real estate markets and reality TV trends. I believe these fell into the hands of Donald Trump.”

“There is no other explanation for how a semi-coherent, megalomaniacal fool could become a billionaire and then president. So in the words of those kids from the 1990s, ‘My bad.’ ”

Brown insists that all is not lost. He has asked the people of Earth to locate and return the futuristic documents to him, which should undo all of the damage that has been inflicted on our timeline. However, he also has a warning.

“I’ve seen the future with Trump, and it is – well, let’s just say you should all volunteer for NASA’s mission to Mars.”


Written by C.W. Briar

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