Deadpool Throwing Money At Comic-Con Fans

After his movie has made more than $250 million in less than two weeks, Deadpool is finding ways to blow the cash. Most of his plans cannot be mentioned by reputable news sites (visit if you care to see his list). However, one idea will be of interest to cosplayers.

Deadpool has announced that he will be providing costumes of himself to all attendees at the 2016 Comic-Con conventions in both New York and San Diego (he also stated that attendees at other conventions can, quote, “Kiss off.”) The producers of the film are also hinting at hosting classes on “being obnoxious” and “forming flash mobs” so that no one will be able to escape the Deadpool experience.

If the film surpasses $400 million domestically, Wade Wilson (a.k.a Deadpool) will be sponsoring both Comic-Con conventions and make his costume mandatory. It looks like this year’s premiere fandom events will feature nothing but lots and lots and LOTS of the red-and-black anti-hero.


Written by C.W. Briar

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