‘Abandon Fanbase’ Mode Announced For Madden Football

A bevy of new features include the ability to taunt disenchanted fans.

Electronic Arts has revealed a brand-new feature for the upcoming 2017 cycle of Madden NFL. Players of the popular Franchise Mode will be able to uproot one of its 32 teams and relocate them abruptly into another American city.

Madden Football has always been about letting players experience their favorite sport in ways that are both fun and realistic,” said Neil Baresh, head of game design at EA Sports. “With ‘Abandon Fanbase,’ you finally get to be the despised billionaire who devastates the fans of a major city.”

EA gave us a preview of the mode. The goal is to maximize profits, which in turn are used to decorate the team’s head office with more lavish furniture. Profits are made not just by moving to a more lucrative market, but by convincing taxpayers to foot the bill for the new stadium, or by stringing out your old fanbase with lies for as long as possible.

“Who hasn’t wanted to be the one who tells loyal supporters of a 5-11 team that you’re committed to their city, only to then crush their hearts by breaking promises?” says Baresh. “We at EA Sports are not only giving you, the players, that unprecedented privilege, but making it hyper-realistic. We’re recreating ever owner’s scowls, smug grins, and obnoxious press conferences with state-of-the-art technology.”

“I personally look forward to playing as Jerry Jones. I’ll be forsaking the people of Dallas to square off my Hoboken Cowboys against the Giants in a battle for New Jersey football supremacy.”

EA promised further updates to its enduring NFL franchise would be detailed soon, including one they discussed but did not show. They announced a new mobile game which will work in conjunction with Madden. Baresh described it as a cross between Oregon Trail and a tower defense.

“You’ll be tasked with making decisions as you move west with your team — or east. Along the way, players may get into scrapes with the law and be affected by fines or jail time. If the convoy of team buses gets attacked by betrayed fans, you have weapons at your disposal to fend them off, such as water cannons, social media lies, and air-powered canons loaded with pennies.”

EA is keeping mum on other aspects of the feature for now, such as whether or not the team can be moved out of the USA. But they are promising an experience which becomes the focus of many longtime fans. Players may soon be spending hours hopping from city to city in a quest to earn unimaginable amounts of wealth.

If our hands-on time was any indication, they may be right.


Written by C.W. Briar

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